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Wee Folk Club  

Sunday Nights 8.30 pm   Tickets £6

9th December    Paula Ryan.

   Paula is a compelling SINGER-SONGWRITER, born and bred in Tipperary, Ireland, whose                    POWERFUL, insightful songs are inspired by the LYRICISM and musical PASSION of her                Irish Gaelic ROOTS & driven by the FUNKY rhythmic influences and “WACKY” instruments                of music from other cultures.

  To accompany her songs, Paula plays Marimba/Tongue Drum, Guitar and a variety of               percussion instruments including Bodhran, Djembe and Darabuka.

16th December    Mrs Weatherby’s Christmas Concert Party.

This night is always fun and laughter along with lots of mayhem! We never know just who is going to pop up in the band but we do know they are first class and will give us a night to remember. Last year we had mince pies and reindeer droppings along with sleigh bells and much communal singing. Come along for the real beginning of the Festive Season.

 6th January      Mike Whellans

Mike is an astounding guitar picker, equally at home on 6, 12 string or electric guitars, and is an amazing

mouth-harp player too. And the other things he can do with his mouth? Well, you've just got to see and hear

his vocal percussion to be convinced. Added to this; he sings, is a drummer of no slight talent, writes

songs, seems to have boundless energy, and you've got a great entertainment in prospect with the most

dynamic one-man blues band any side of the Forth delta.

SOLD OUT SOLD OUT Sorry - there are no tickets left for this concert