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Wee Folk Club  

Sunday Nights 8.30 pm   Tickets £6

January 5     Kevin Gore

Kevin is a singer/songwriter from Edinburgh, he has performed to audiences in the USA, Australia

and the UK.  Kevin writes songs on a range of contemporary issues, his song “The Waves of Yearning”

can be heard on the soundtrack for the international advertising campaign for the Canon EOS Camera

range.  His songs usually have a political or social edge to them including the song about a local hero,

Ken Buchanan. Ken was undisputed World Boxing Champion and Kevin has admired him for years,

when he heard about a movement to erect a statue to Ken, he decided his contribution would be an

EP with his song ‘Edinburgh Man’…… An good choice and an interesting night to start off 2020 at the

Wee Folk Club.

12   Andy Chung

Andy has performed live, both solo and accompanied by other musicians, extensively throughout

Scotland and the north of England. Kirkcaldy-born Andy drifted into a career in music after leaving

Glasgow School of Art in 1988, playing in a succession of rock bands and rhythm and blues outfits.

Though the musical seeds were sown at a very early age through the Chinese folk music much beloved

of his parents (within the Chinese community in Scotland, his father was a well-known writer and

performer of Hakka mountain songs, a traditional form encompassing story-telling and intricate word play, often with a mischievous humour) his influences are also drawn from Scottish and Irish song writing and a love for country blues styles.  His Wee Folk Club and Festival Folk at the Oak gigs are always popular – a fun evening to enjoy!

19   George Machray

George is a fine and recognised singer/songwriter from the old fishing and mining village of Port Seton in

East Lothian. He writes about what he knows: the people and places found along the Firth of Forth

coastline. Their themes meander from the humorous to the serious, from the ridiculous to the romantic.

George is a three-time winner at the Glenfarg Folk Club Song Contest and has been the audience vote

winner twice in the annual Edinburgh Folk Club Song Competition. He has opened for artists such as

Adam McNaughtan, Isla St Clair and Barluath.  This is bound to be a popular and enjoyable evening…….


 26   Andrew Gordon

Andrew Gordon was born in Fort William on the West Coast of Scotland. He has been performing for over

20 years and has played all over Scotland, as well as Europe and North America.  He plays a wide range of

traditional songs, as well as some slightly more modern folk music, accompanied by guitar and bodhran. Andrew loves putting on a show and gives it his all while on stage, come and enjoy his musical ability in our small intimate venue!!